Brand new Managed IT Security Service model set to bring state-of-the art IT security to SMB’s.

IT Security is set to become a whole lot simpler in your business

The focus of IT security has evolved from securing the perimeter network to data protection. In addition to firewalls and anti-virus protection, which we already all know about, and due to the increasing potential value data provides, IT security has become part of the strategic planning and management of businesses large and small. Seen increasingly by customers as a commitment to good governance, it has become essential for companies to become proactive about addressing the diversity of IT security concerns we face today.

IT security. It’s more than you think it is.

“Many South African businesses are going through what has become an unavoidable digital transformation. Companies are already moving to the cloud, whether they like it or not. With mobile devices and remote staff, security threats have increased, making IT security management a daily, of if not an hourly issue.” So says Adam Whittington, Managing Director of MMC in Cape Town.
IT security services currently, are very much an expensive hardware device that you attach to your network with the belief that now you have good IT security in place. This belief needs to change. Firstly, IT security has become complex. It involves people, processes, planning and daily management. Your firewall and anti-virus software is just not enough anymore. Secondly, there are some very powerful, enterprise grade features available to SMB’s, in the software they already use. By capitalising on those features and streamlining IT security, SMB’s can save money, while their operations benefit enormously. Unlocking those features however, requires specialised skills.

According to Wayne Jones, Technical Manager at MMC, there are companies that are providing several aspects of IT security, but none so far provide a full-scale, focused, managed security services approach for SMB’s.

Taking a giant leap forward in IT security for SMB’s

Even though perimeter security and rudimentary access control forms part of IT managed service agreements, MMC has recognised the almost glaringly obvious fact, that IT security needs a data focused approach.

Following round table discussions and conversations with our clients, as well as the review of coming trends following their attendance at leading international IT conferences, the MMC team began last year, to develop a security focused service model for SMB’s, that has as yet been unavailable in South Africa.

Says Wayne: “We don’t hone in on a specific product. We provide a complete solution. It doesn’t matter where your data is or what software you use – we have the top-level skills and experience needed to protect it all, and keep your business running smoothly.”

Set to launch in May, MMC in partnership with Microsoft, has developed a fully comprehensive managed security service aimed at addressing not only network security, but also compliance, governance, change management, data protection, strategic business-centric planning and pro-active risk management.

“In most cases, a new approach to how you invest in software is not needed. Very often, companies purchase software with considerable security features, that their IT staff are unable to unlock” Adam. “So it’s our job to make sure your business and your users benefit fully from your IT security and software investments.”

Equipped with the necessary qualifications, knowledge and skills in IT security management, MMC’s offering will be setting a new standard for IT security services in South Africa. Comprehensive, enterprise level IT security services will now be within reach for everyone.

Our existing and new clients can now look forward to a completely affordable IT Managed Security Service, that creates a secure, efficient and stable IT environment in which they can work, while providing the skills, advice and support needed as they navigate digital transformation in their business, both now and into the future.

Watch this space for the launch of our new Managed IT Security Service!