Microsoft Office 365 – boosting efficiency and productivity for less

The modern business has become more mobile and more global. We are no longer limited to our desks and desktop computers and todays office workers expect to be able to access work from virtually anywhere and increasingly, from any device. As the workplace has evolved, so too has the basic productivity toolkit we all use.

Seven years since its launch, Office 365 has become the most popular enterprise cloud service. It is estimated that one out of every five employees use an Office 365 cloud service and the number of users is increasing daily.

Why are companies choosing Office 365 – and why should you?

Collaborate whenever you need to

Teams can co-author documents in real time using Word, PowerPoint and Excel. As changes are made, the document will automatically be updates and colour coding lets everyone see who made which changes.

Forget about downtime

When you store your documents in Microsoft’s secure cloud, you get to access them from anywhere, on any device and at any time. Lights out or a failed network need never dictate the productivity of your business again.

Use the latest version of Office – always

Because you pay for your software on a monthly basis with Office 365, you always have access to the latest updates to your office suite. While this significantly enhances security as we discuss in this post, it also gives your team access to the advanced productivity add-ons that Office 365 incorporates.

The biggest range of apps and services yet

Office 365 is not limited to email, word processing and spreadsheets only. The integration of a wide range of productivity apps means that you’re able to communicate faster and more easily using tools that are simple and intuitive, yet advanced and easy to integrate.

Apart from Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, teams can maximise their efficiencies using:

  • Exchange:business class email and calendaring
  • OneDrive:file storage and sharing
  • SharePoint:companywide intranet
  • Skype for Business: online meetings and video conferencing
  • Microsoft Teams:teamwork platform to collaborate on projects and tasks
  • Outlook Customer Manager:customer relationship nurturing
  • Microsoft Bookings:online calendar scheduling and publishing facility
  • Microsoft Planner:a simple, visual way to plan and organize teamwork
  • Microsoft StaffHub:time management and content sharing for teams

The benefit of implementation done right

While it is simple to purchase and deploy software across your network, it will benefit your business to capitalize on the specialist skills and experience of a dedicated Microsoft Office 365 team who can customize this powerful platform to suit your needs.

Through TotalSecure, our team will assess your operations and align the features that Office 365 offers to your infrastructure operations and other software, to ensure your business and employees gain optimal benefit from your software spend.

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