Microsoft Azure – ensure compliance and move to the cloud with confidence

As an increasing number of businesses contemplate a migration to cloud based storage and services such as Microsoft Azure, the need for solid threat protection, data privacy and compliance with local and international regulatory requirements has never been more important.

In fact Cisco, the network manufacturer whose equipment transports a large share of the worlds internet traffic, estimates that cloud based applications are growing 500% faster than traditional on-premises IT.

While traditional in-house IT will remain, and on-premises IT systems will be used for some time to come, the fact is that the virtualization of servers and even private cloud setups still need to be managed with the same compliance and security focus as any public cloud service.

Data breaches can lead to extremely costly repercussions – both financial and reputational, which is why businesses need to find the technical resources, features and skills to help keep data safe.

Security and compliance have been integrated into every aspect of Microsoft Azure. Azure offers your business enterprise level global security intelligence and a security hardened infrastructure. This powerful combination ensures that your business, no matter the size, can protect your applications and data, meet your compliance needs and integrate effective security.

How does Microsoft Azure help you meet your compliance obligations?

To help organizations comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data, Microsoft provides the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider.

Meets Global Compliance Standards

Microsoft Azure and its configuration and management meets all the key global governance and compliance standards including AU PROTECTED, FedRAMP, FFIEC, GDPR, HIPAA/HITRUST, NIST SP 800-171, PCI DSS, TIC, UK NHS, UK OFFICIAL.

Security, Privacy and Compliance Portal  

Building on Office 365’s Secure Score, Compliance Manager is a tool that Microsoft has launched to help businesses manage their compliance requirements more simply. It includes dashboards with charts and graphs as well as rich reporting features that help businesses understand their security and compliance position. In addition, businesses can assign, track and report on compliance goals and standards within their organisation.

Here are just some of the features that Compliance Manager offers at no additional cost:

  • Track compliance with comprehensive dashboards and digital tracking tools
  • Assign ownership of compliance controls and designate roles to members of your organisation
  • Compare controls against multiple compliance regulations and standards
  • Implement and log control tests to determine how compliant your organisation is and where your vulnerabilities lie
  • Get compliance recommendations from Microsoft experts in GDPR and ISO
  • Export compliance information to Excel for audits by third-party vendors
  • Control access to data through a four-level hierarchy which includes an Enterprise Enrolment Administrator, Department Administrator, Account Owner and Service Administrator
  • Access important security data about Microsoft through the Service Trust Portal
  • Review compliance scores that tell you how impactful compliance failures are to your organisation’s success

Azure IP Advantage Program

All customers are eligible to participate in this program which offers best-in-industry protection for your cloud-based innovations and investments against intellectual property risks and helps defend your business against an IP lawsuit.

The benefit of implementation done right

While it is simple to purchase and deploy software across your network, it will benefit your business to capitalize on the specialist skills and experience of a dedicated Microsoft Azure team who can customize this powerful platform to suit your needs.

Through TotalSecure, our team will assess your operations and align the features that Azure offers to your infrastructure operations and other software, to ensure your business and employees gain optimal benefit from your software spend.

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