The Hottest Trends from Microsoft Inspire Revealed

How will Microsoft be helping clients adapt to the swiftly changing world of technology? The Microsoft Inspire conference, which Adam and Wayne attended in Washington D.C. during July, provides Microsoft partners with an opportunity to discover emerging trends in business tech, and how improved products and services will help clients prepare to align with advancing […]

Adam Whittington and Wayne Jones at Microsoft Inspire 2017

Watch: Satya Nadella Announces Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is truly a breakthrough in technology. It offers a complete, intelligent solution, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security which adds a vital layer of protection to your network. This is all-in-one solution that promises to empower your team to work more productively, to be creative and to work […]

Satya Nadella announces Microsoft 365

Watch: How Microsoft 365 is helping small business grow and succeed

Take a look how Microsoft 365 has helped this small business grow and succeed. You could experience the same support by investing in Microsoft 365.

MS365 Video

Local IT on high alert after SA PCs hit by global virus

Johannesburg – A massive, global ransomware attack has hit hundreds of thousands of computers through a Microsoft Windows operating system vulnerability and affected governments, learning institutions and telecommunication, industrial, finance and enterprise industries. The “WannaCry” virus encrypts users’ data on a computer asking the user to pay a ransom of roughly R4 000, for a […]

wannacry virus

What is your business really worth to you?

Downtime is costly. Learn how to protect yourself and derive the business benefits from today’s always-on society. We live in an almost completely virtualised world with so much of our lives today relying on the availability of services and data. From online banking, shopping and arranging flights and taxis, to filing tax returns and accessing […]

Data Recovery with MMC and Veeam

Cybersecurity – is your company really a target?

The answer is yes. In fact, according to the Symantec 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, the last 5 years have shown a steady increase in attacks targeting businesses with less than 250 employees. A whopping 43% of the global attacks logged during 2015 were against small businesses compared to 35% of attacks on large businesses […]


If a disaster were to strike your infrastructure right now – would your company survive?

Though many organisations believe that their disaster recovery and data back-up procedures are rock solid, investigations very often reveal the contrary. If some unforeseen disaster were to strike your business and IT infrastructure right now – are you absolutely sure your data would be safe and easily accessible? In this article we uncover the implications […]


Generation Mobile – Is your company attractive to the modern talent pool?

The world is facing a workplace revolution. Fuelled by the increased penetration of mobile devices into the market at all levels, both employees and job seekers are demanding an improvement in how they work. Individuals across the generations, but particularly from Generation Y, are demanding efficiency, mobility and advanced technologies. How does your organisation fare? […]


5 Top Tactics for CRM Success

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that is applicable to every company – from a one man show to a large enterprise. While it is true that the bigger the company and the more customers you have, the more complex your customer engagements will be – CRM strategies across the board, all […]


Can your business really afford to just keep on fixing IT?

Departmental budgets across most industries in our current economic climate are at best – static or at worst – shrinking. While it is obvious that IT must function efficiently, business leaders need to question whether they are actually using IT to enhance operations and to enable the acquisition of new business. [Karl Groenewald] One key […]