Discover how credential theft works… (you need to know this)

Maybe you’re one of those people that has spent (even just a little time) wondering just how credential theft actually works? Yes we know that they (cyber-criminals in this case) steal our names, passwords and a few other personal details via email, but what else actually happens in this cryptic process? I don’t really care […]

Credential Theft

Multi-factor Authentication – here’s why it’s crucial

Multi-factor authentication is not just a nice-to-have for security conscious companies. It is becoming essential for all businesses. While passwords remain the most widely used means of access control, they are also the most vulnerable and are still heavily exploited by cyber-criminals. In fact, the use of stolen credentials topped the list in 2018 as […]

4 Common Credential Theft Questions – Answered.

Phishing scams are on the increase and remain the most common means of credential theft. In speaking to our new clients, we have encountered some incredibly troubling stories of scams that have actually been successful in the favour of cybercriminals! These scams have cost those businesses tens of thousands of Rands. There are a few […]

Credential Theft

Microsoft Azure – ensure compliance and move to the cloud with confidence

As an increasing number of businesses contemplate a migration to cloud based storage and services such as Microsoft Azure, the need for solid threat protection, data privacy and compliance with local and international regulatory requirements has never been more important. In fact Cisco, the network manufacturer whose equipment transports a large share of the worlds […]

Microsoft Azure Compliance

Microsoft Azure – get maximum security when you move to the cloud

Some of the on-premise security challenges that IT managers face include finding and retaining either the services or skills of security experts, recognizing threats before they happen, responding to threats when they do happen and ensuring that security policies meet with international compliance standards. These challenges can be resolved with a move to the cloud. […]

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Office 365 – boosting efficiency and productivity for less

The modern business has become more mobile and more global. We are no longer limited to our desks and desktop computers and todays office workers expect to be able to access work from virtually anywhere and increasingly, from any device. As the workplace has evolved, so too has the basic productivity toolkit we all use. […]

Office 365 Business Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 – making cyber security easier for you.

Though cyber security has become a top priority for many businesses today, it remains something of a minefield with a constant stream of new threats and compliance requirements to consider. While years ago, anti-virus programs and firewalls mostly kept networks and data secure, with today’s multi-device, highly mobile modern office, sensitive data is accessed and […]

Office 365 Security

Brand new Managed IT Security Service model set to bring state-of-the art IT security to SMB’s.

IT Security is set to become a whole lot simpler in your business The focus of IT security has evolved from securing the perimeter network to data protection. In addition to firewalls and anti-virus protection, which we already all know about, and due to the increasing potential value data provides, IT security has become part […]

IT Managed Services

Financial Services: As another Cyber Security threat looms, is your network security geared to protect you?

You would without question be forgiven for saying “You know, IT Security just isn’t what it used to be. Back in my day it was so simple!”. It’s true. We’ve come to the point where it’s virtually impossible to keep track in cyber security,  of the ever-increasing range of security bugs and breaches. If some […]

Cyber Security is a major concern for Financial Services

Can a shift to the cloud improve your information security posture?

Keeping abreast with the ongoing changes to the security landscape, is one of the key advantages of the Cloud. In fact, there are a number of properties that make the Cloud inherently different versus managing your own IT services. These go well beyond security, but have important security implications and benefits. Implementing solutions such as […]

Keep your cloud secure with Office 365