Nail your compliance, data protection and data control needs with one solution!

For far less cost and complexity, your business can benefit from a greatly enhanced and secure backup and disaster recovery strategy by using cloud-based backup services. But beyond cost, which is a key factor, there are other distinct benefits that make the case for cloud backup and disaster recovery and protection almost something of a […]

Veeam is the Data Backup and Security Solution of Choice

How to create a business impact analysis for disaster recovery in 10 easy steps

A business impact analysis (BIA) is crucial to a disaster recovery (DR) plan. This tip will identify the processes, systems and functions that are critical to a DR plan and help you allocate resources to ensure operational continuity during unexpected events. A business impact analysis (BIA) is the cornerstone of a disaster recovery (DR) strategy […]

Here’s how to get the best Data Protection, Backup and Disaster Recovery for the least cost…

Data protection, backup and disaster recovery has always been one of the key concerns for IT departments and as the amount of data we need to manage has exploded, so too have the costs and complexities – this amid falling IT budgets of course. The fact is that purchasing more servers and hardware is just […]

Here’s why you can take advantage of secure cloud in South Africa NOW!

With the arrival of the Microsoft Azure datacenters in Cape Town and Johannesburg among other key international cloud providers, secure cloud is swiftly becoming more easily accessible to South African businesses. Traditionally, businesses have been wary of the cloud, citing security as a key concern – and rightly so. Many aspects of security for cloud […]

Get Secure Cloud in South Africa NOW!

Discover what data breach reporting means to you…

Even though your business, or the head-office may be located here in South Africa, GDPR still has an impact on your operations and that impact will only intensify in the future as POPI adopts an increasing range of GDPR standards. The most prudent approach for any business at this stage, is to be prepared. While […]

Know what Data Breach Reporting means for your business

Smash your false sense of IT security now with intrusion detection and protection…

Firewalls and other barriers are an excellent start when it comes to securing your network, but because cyber-threats are continually evolving, you need a well thought out and customized approach to intrusion protection and prevention as part of your overall IT security plan, in order to safeguard your data and operational productivity. Early detection, but […]

Intrusion Protection and Detection

Pro-active security is the only way to protect yourself…

It’s no secret that cybercrime is on the rise. Today, more than ever, your business needs a regularly updated and pro-active security approach in order to protect your networks, data and productivity. Determined attackers will continue to target businesses of all sizes and across all industry. If you believe that you may be immune to […]

Active Defence

Discover how credential theft works… (you need to know this)

Maybe you’re one of those people that has spent (even just a little time) wondering just how credential theft actually works? Yes we know that they (cyber-criminals in this case) steal our names, passwords and a few other personal details via email, but what else actually happens in this cryptic process? I don’t really care […]

Credential Theft

Multi-factor Authentication – here’s why it’s crucial

Multi-factor authentication is not just a nice-to-have for security conscious companies. It is becoming essential for all businesses. While passwords remain the most widely used means of access control, they are also the most vulnerable and are still heavily exploited by cyber-criminals. In fact, the use of stolen credentials topped the list in 2018 as […]

4 Common Credential Theft Questions – Answered.

Phishing scams are on the increase and remain the most common means of credential theft. In speaking to our new clients, we have encountered some incredibly troubling stories of scams that have actually been successful in the favour of cybercriminals! These scams have cost those businesses tens of thousands of Rands. There are a few […]

Credential Theft