Business Alignment Strategy

IT is one of the most significant operational expenses, so it makes sense to ensure that whatever you invest in IT, actively contributes to the success of your business.

MMC has both the technical expertise and business acumen to provide you with a comprehensive IT business alignment strategy that is designed to reliably achieve specific results.

Business Alignment Review

Whether you have an IT strategy or not, we look at your overall business strategy and your infrastructure to ensure that we have a clear understanding of where you are, versus where you are intending to go.

Recommendations and Planning

We advise you where your existing IT applications, technologies and services will contribute to your business objectives, where to expend resources and reap the maximum rewards and we provide insight and planning to ensure reliable daily operations and a fully secure IT infrastructure.

Strategic Alignment

Documenting your goal plan is essential to enable ongoing review and where necessary, adjustments. MMC provides a detailed IT strategy, fully aligned with your business objectives and we recommend that this strategy is revisited annually to ensure that any course corrections or changes can be incorporated and made allowance for.

What to expect
  • On site consultation with your IT staff and / or management team
  • Development of an IT Vision and Mission where necessary
  • Assistance to determine IT imperatives aligned to business imperatives
  • Ensure IT helps your business reach its objectives
  • Maximise the return on your investment in technology
  • Reduce capital expenditure and overheads