Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

Recovering all your data quickly is imperative if any disaster has taken place, and doing so successfully, relies on how aligned and comprehensive your policies and procedures are, and whether they have been studiously adhered to.

Infrastructure and Policy Assessment

By examining your existing IT infrastructure we are able to identify any areas of concern and provide guidance as to how vulnerabilities can be addressed. We also review and can assist in the redrafting of your Disaster Recovery policies to bring them in line with international standards of best practice, as well as the practical requirements of your particular business.

Infrastructure Recommendations

Based on our assessment of your IT infrastructure and consultation with you as to your business needs and work styles, we can advise the most cost effective, efficient hardware and software to protect your data assets and overall infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Policy and Plan Development

In cases where you don’t have any Disaster Recovery Plans in place or where you are concerned that what you have in place won’t be sufficient in the event of a disaster, we’re able to assist you in drafting a comprehensive, practical Disaster Recovery Policy and Plan for your business in which we consider all aspects of your business such as facilities, key personnel, crisis communication, data backup, redundancy and so forth.

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What to expect
  • On site consultation with our team of Disaster Recovery experts
  • Tailored data backup and recovery solution
  • Comprehensive data recovery plan
  • Minimal data loss in the event of a disaster
  • Little or no downtime once a disaster has occurred
  • A clear, comprehensive plan that can be followed with ease by your team