IT Forecasting

As your business grows or develops, your IT needs will also change. With comprehensive IT forecasting, our IT specialists will help you to prepare for that change and ensure that your technology resources scale seamlessly.


We begin our IT forecasting and road-mapping exercise with you by completing a comprehensive assessment of your current IT assets and infrastructure. This tells us where you are, where your current shortfalls lie, and helps us prepare a more accurate plan for your IT resource needs.

Understanding your Business

We take the time to really listen, to dig deeper and get an in depth understanding of your business as it currently stands, your company culture, work styles and existing technology usage habits, as well as your growth plans and objectives. Without this knowledge, an accurate IT forecasting exercise is futile.

Developing the Road Map

Once we know exactly what we have to work with from your IT infrastructure and we understand your business, we can then decide what you will need to help you get your business from where you are to where you plan to be in the future. This is a detailed forecast which includes the implementation of technologies in line with set goals. The road map includes the required hardware, software, third party services and changes to IT processes and support services.

Project Roll out

MMC offers a comprehensive IT services solution to businesses, so in addition to your IT forecast, we can assist you in the implementation of all your IT needs, as well as the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure. Find out more about that here.

What to expect
  • Comprehensive network engineering plan
  • Multi-vendor strategy, efficiently collaborated to suit your needs
  • Extensive network design, planning and field deployment experience
  • Solutions that are backed by solid engineering, training and certification
  • Solid track record of successful deployments