IT Governance

IT governance, risk management and compliance are becoming a key issues for most organisations and it is true that IT is linked to more legal issues today, than ever before.

Managing risk effectively and ensuring complete IT compliance protects your business in many ways. From legal recourse to reputation, ensuring your IT governance is on track is imperative.

Rules, regulations and data protection

Our team will assess your IT infrastructure including how your hardware and software secures your data and communications, and provide guidance to ensure your IT management processes are brought in line with international standards of best practice. We will reveal all possible loopholes and advise how you can fully protect your environment.

Supporting the CIO / IT Manager

If you need expert advice in a particular area, MMC can help. From our Operational Manager to our technical team, we have some of the most qualified, experienced and knowledgeable IT professionals in the industry who can provide insight into all aspects of IT governance and compliance.

What to expect
  • In person consultation and thorough assessments
  • Detailed compliance plan and implementation strategy
  • Ongoing IT compliance updates when required
  • We make sense of what may seem a legal, jargon filled minefield of information
  • Ability to provide specialised advice and support in targeted areas
  • Can evolve basic consultation into the provision of IT resources where required