Network Planning

Without an efficient IT network, it will be impossible to ensure that your IT infrastructure is functioning optimally. Whether you are running a single office or a multi-national business, MMC’s comprehensive IT networking and planning service will make sure your team can collaborate as they need to, 24/7/365.


Depending on how you have chosen to engage with MMC, we will assess your existing IT network and identify any areas requiring attention.

Design and Planning

In addition to designing the ideal IT network for your current and future business needs, we advise on the most suitable hardware and software. In planning the suggested deployment of IT network installations and upgrades within your environment, we always take into account the specific production requirements of your business.

IT Network Management

We encourage you to consider opting for our pro-active IT network management service, TOTALcare©, which will ensure that your network is monitored 24/7, updates are applied when needed and any potential issues fixed before they result in the loss of productive time or they inhibit access to communications and data.

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What to expect
  • Comprehensive network engineering plan
  • Multi-vendor strategy, efficiently collaborated to suit your needs
  • Extensive network design, planning and field deployment experience
  • Solutions that are backed by solid engineering, training and certification
  • Solid track record of successful deployments