Risk Management

Often without realising it, businesses expose themselves to unnecessary risks through the most basic IT based interactions which could jeopardise the entire infrastructure. In addition, because they may not have a clear picture of their IT infrastructure, businesses are likely to miss out on opportunities that could have otherwise been uncovered through the efficient use of IT.

MMC helps to reveal opportunities and avert all unnecessary risks.

Risk Assessment

Whether you have an existing IT team or not, we will assess your IT infrastructure to gain a clear understanding of where risks and opportunities may lie. This can be in collaboration with your CIO or IT Manager where applicable.

Risk Mitigation Planning

We provide a comprehensive risk mitigation and IT risk management plan to help your business reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Optimisation

We provide advice and insight into applications and hardware that could maximize your efficiency as a business, and provide access to new opportunities that may have previously been impossible or difficult to identify.

Monitoring and Review

We recommend that you consider TOTALcare©, our Infrastructure Management service which will ensure the ongoing, pro-active risk management of your infrastructure 24/7 and provide you with the opportunity to prepare well in advance for system upgrades which will enhance your business efficiency in the future.

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What to expect
  • Thorough assessments presented in plain language
  • Experienced team with both technical and business expertise
  • Realistic and budget conscious planning for upgrades and enhancements
  • Increased potential for business growth
  • Comprehensive management of IT risk within the overall business risk framework
  • Complete peace-of-mind