Security Management

ITIL is the ultimate benchmark when it comes to IT security management which is why MMC executive and senior management, as well as technicians are all ITIL certified. More about Standards and Associations

Using the ITIL framework, we will assist your team to ensure maximum confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data assets, as well as your IT services.

Design of Security Controls

Our team will review the security standards, practices and standards you have in place and advise where adjustments need to be made to fully lock down your network and data.

Security Testing Standards and Processes

Security testing should be conducted on a regular basis and is only effective if it accurately uncovers problem areas which need to be addressed. We can assist your team to draft a security testing schedule and procedure to ensure that thorough testing is conducted on a regular basis.

Security Incident Management

Simulated incidents are a great way to determine whether teams and infrastructures are able to manage a breach efficiently. We can assist in the development of a comprehensive IT Security Management Plan including the synchronisation of all virtual and physical IT assets, with software and human technical interventions.

Ongoing / Periodic Reviews

We remain abreast with the latest updates and changes in all international standards of best practice, which means that we can provide a periodic review service to your business, to provide expert advice and guidance, even where you may not have had the time or resources to update your own knowledge regarding these matters.

What to expect
  • Full review of security controls
  • Development of a security management plan
  • Ongoing/periodic reviews
  • Expose weaknesses in your existing security
  • Always remain secure