From Disruption to Dependence: The Four Key Technologies you need to capitalize on NOW!

There are some conferences that are really worth attending and every year, we try to select those that promise to provide us with information and insights that help us to help our clients better. The recent CACS 2019 conference held in Johannesburg and organized by ISACA is one such conference.

The CACS Conference – A Justification

Aimed at uncovering trends, knowledge and tools around security, compliance matters and future risks that impact IT and how we manage our networks and data – the CACS conference delivers highly specialised, often academic views from experts from a variety of specialist fields.

Risks and Revelations – What you need to know…

Thinking ahead and understanding how to best approach, control and capitalize on each component of the technologies that will become unavoidable in our personal and professional lives – is essential.

Here are four key technologies that you need to be aware of. These will become a part of all of our lives, if they haven’t already, and knowing how to best integrate them and control their associated risks will serve your business well.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is already here. Think Uber. Essentially driven by AI, the team at Uber have specifically focused on solving challenges across the entire organisation world-wide, and are constantly working on new ways to integrate machine learning into their operations. From cutting-edge Conversational AI solutions aimed at making your interaction with their technology natural and dare we say it – human, to sensors and visual recording technologies that enhance efficiencies and ensure greater safety – Uber is contributing to the machine learning industry in a big way. And you get to experience that every time you order your ride.

When technologies are able to track and then predict your preferences based on your habits – that’s essentially AI. Algorithms have been geared for some time already to enhancing your online experience for example – be that a Google search or what you get to experience on Facebook. AI is become more refined and more efficient. The question is, how can your business benefit from it?


Robotics Process Automation: A new catch phrase you will see used with increasing frequency in the coming months and years. Linked to AI, robotics is aimed at improving our day-to-day existence by taking care of that which is deemed mundane and repetitive, so that humans can innovate and use their potential for tasks that require our unique ability to think and create.

Often considered a threat that will result in wide-spread unemployment, robotics, if approached correctly, will serve to elevate roles and responsibilities. The employment landscape will undoubtedly change, and roles will be re-invented, but organisations should be focused on capitalizing on the opportunities that robotics offers, rather than the transient threats.

Block Chain

The blockchain is essentially an incorruptible, time-stamped digital ledger of virtually any transaction. Considered the very definition of a democratized system, blockchain has no central authority and supports complete transparency and accountability. Blockchain is set to become a part of our everyday lives… in fact it already is.

Consider app-based authentications – such as your banking app. A contract between you and your bank now no longer requires a middle-man, a human. You are able to agree to a contract that binds both you and the bank through a safe, individually authenticated digital transaction which is recorded, stored and accessible within a protected infrastructure.

A blockchain can also be a record of all transactions relating to say, a train journey you may take which you have booked via an application, paid for digitally via your bank and taken using a digital ticket. Many airlines operate in this manner too. Blockchain is here to stay. How will your business capitalize on this technology?

Energy Storage

Storage prices have dropped rapidly in recent months and years thanks to the ever-growing market for electronic devices and even larger items such as electric vehicles. Battery storage, currently the leading technology, which is seeing significant improvements in capability, enables efficiencies never really seen before. Because of the enhancements that modern energy storage now offers, we are seeing a positive spin-off in terms of the efficiencies related to how data is stored, managed and secured.

What’s next?

In the coming weeks we will be delving deeper into each of the four insights we’ve discussed here, including the risks and opportunities that you need to be aware of. We encourage you to keep a lookout for these articles as these insights WILL benefit your business.