We not only provide an extensive range of quality hardware and software, but provide our clients with candid IT advice to help them choose the most appropriate solution for their needs. Our IT procurement and software asset management service ensures your hardware and software is relevant, compliant and suitably covered with extended manufacturer warranties.

Software Asset Management

Your software is one of your greatest productivity assets which is why we help you to proactively plan what you need, maintain what you have and ensure your software assets are always compliant.


Having an accurate indication of all your software assets and ensuring they’re appropriately licensed is essential for compliance and optimised software usage.

Delivery and Deployment

We manage the full procurement process from request, to quote, customisation and delivery to your business, as well as the installation and deployment of all networking, infrastructure and software solutions.

What to expect

  • Below-retail pricing and top quality brands
  • Accurate quotes and least time from order to delivery
  • Efficient software analysis and deployment planning
  • Life cycle planning and management
  • Comprehensive license audits and streamlined re-licensing
  • A vendor neutral philosophy

How your business will benefit

  • A single tracking facility for all your hardware and software assets
  • Advice and experience in securing the right technology assets for your needs
  • Tailored solutions that drive results for your business
  • Accurate spend analysis throughout your business
  • Extended manufacturer and vendor warranties