Hardware Installations

From large servers and complex networks, to single user devices such as laptops and desktop computers, we procure, supply and install pre-configured hardware that has been customised to suit your specific needs.

No matter the complexity of your requirements, our team will always consult with you to assess your existing IT assets, your usage requirements and provide hardware solutions that align with what you need as a business, as well as your budget.


We assess what your business and productivity requirements are, as well as your current infrastructure.

Design, Planning and Installation

Depending on the complexity of your requirements, we design your network / computing requirements and supporting hardware, and plan the installation of these to ensure minimal disruption to you and your team.


We provide support to your IT teams and users once the installation is complete and provide technical assistance to iron out any possible issues.

What to expect
  • Customised hardware solutions based on your needs
  • Step-by-step, detailed implementation strategy
  • Professional support to your IT team and individual users
  • Extended warranties on all hardware