Networking and Infrastructure

Your network is the cornerstone of your business and without a solid network and IT infrastructure it is impossible to run the applications that make your business work. As part of our IT networking service, we plan and implement both simple, local networks as well as complex multi-location infrastructures according to your needs.

From servers to data centres, wireless networks and telephony, we deliver high performance, enterprise-grade solutions that help you do business better.

Consultation, Design and Planning

Our team of technical experts consults with you to understand precisely your computing requirements and existing IT assets, and based on this information, we combine the hardware, technical expertise and services to design a customised IT networking solution to suit your needs. Detailed planning will ensure that the solution is ready for seamless integration into your infrastructure.

Implementation and Management

Once your IT networking solution has been implemented, we recommend that it be maintained through our IT managed services solution, TOTALcare©. This will help protect your infrastructure and ensure optimal uptime and data availability.

What to expect
  • In-depth analysis to custom design a solution for your needs
  • Identification of weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and advice on improvements
  • High-performance, enterprise-grade solutions
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure optimal security and stability
  • 20+ years’ network design and management experience