Software Deployment

For any software application to be successful, it needs to be customised and deployed according to the needs of your business. Even when it comes to applications as simple as Microsoft Office, the way your team works and interacts with the software, will determine how it needs to be procured, and then set up for you.

This is where the experience of a professional IT partner helps. Our technicians and engineers will consult with you to understand how you work and customise your software to enhance your workflows.

Analysis, Design and Planning

We consult with your IT and management team to understand exactly what your needs are and commence with the design of your software applications to suit your current and future productivity needs. This includes a thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure to advise the best solution which will integrate seamlessly with what you have in place. In addition, we review your software licensing to ensure that you are not paying for what you don’t use and that the software in use within your organisation, is fully legal.

Planning and Deployment

Based on a set schedule and roll-out plan, we deploy your software while ensuring minimal disruption to your team. We ensure that your software is fully tested and functioning seamlessly before handing over for your team to begin using.

Implementation and Support

Once we are 100% certain that your software is working as intended, we will assist in the roll-out of the software to your team. This includes any basic training to ensure your team can access the software and ongoing support to assist with any queries that may arise.

What to expect
  • Customised software solution based on your needs
  • Step-by-step, detailed implementation strategy
  • Review of current licensing
  • Integration of your software solution with your current and future IT / business objectives
  • Thorough, seamless deployment from kick-off to cutover
  • Alignment of software and licensing to international compliance standards