Data Back-up and Recovery

Flexible, seamless and secure data backup and recovery

Data losses can be crippling to your business and they happen all too quickly. When unexpected data losses do occur, you need to be able to continue working seamlessly.

With our data backup and recovery service, we ensure that all your data is recoverable in the quickest possible time.

Remote Cloud Backup

Remote cloud backup enables stored data to be more secure and more readily available. In fact when disaster strikes, companies that backup to the cloud, seldom experience any downtime at all as data is duplicated over two or more locations, enabling an automatic switch and seamless business continuity. Backed by international standards of governance, this option is the best for companies operating on a global level.

Remote Local Backup

We enable multiple points of data storage and recovery through the automatic daily backup of all your servers to a secure, local data backup device located at our own data centre. Although this service is fully secure and operationally effective, it is swiftly being replaced by cloud based data backup services which offer greater flexibility.

Remote Storage

We have options for both cloud based and server based data storage and will help you select the most suitable option for your needs. In either case, we will safely compress, transmit and store your data in an encrypted format to our data centre or your cloud storage facility.

Data Recovery

MMC can quickly restore a failed server into a virtualised environment until the hardware is replaced or repaired. In addition, any deleted or corrupted emails or files can be restored in the shortest possible time.

Business Continuity

In the event of a disaster, we will restore the latest image of each of your servers, whether virtual or physical, from our data centre, or provide remote access to MMC servers within our data centre. This will protect you from the devastating effects of fire, theft or natural disasters.

Data Management and Monitoring

MMC manages and monitors each data backup procedure and tests the restoration of files, emails and images to ensure that your data can be restored seamlessly.

What to expect
  • Fully customised data backup and recovery plan
  • Predictable monthly service fees
  • Automated daily backups
  • Complete peace-of-mind
  • Fully secure data in a range of host locations
  • Alignment with international best practice / governance
  • Quick, seamless recovery
  • Flexible, scalable service solutions