Software Asset Management

Does your software pose a risk to your business?

To answer this question, you need a completely up-to-date view of all the software that is active in your business. Software Asset Management is the best way to help you manage your software and security correctly.

A comprehensive assessment and report of your entire infrastructure, including all servers, desktops and laptops, will provide you with the intel that you need. This is where Software Asset Management begins.

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What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of proven IT practices that unite people, processes, and technology to control and optimize the use of software across an organization. SAM can help you control costs as well as manage business and legal risks, optimize software licensing investments, and align your IT investments with your business needs.

How is software a risk to my business?

Cyber-criminals are opportunists who will seek the path of least resistance. Unsupported, out of date and unapproved software provides the ideal back-door for cyber criminals to access your data and personal information. Comprehensive software asset management is essential to an effective IT infrastructure and cybersecurity management program.

How will Software Asset Management benefit my business?

Control Costs

SAM provides a comprehensive insight into the number of devices and applications that have been deployed in your business, along with their location and warranty status. This provides the means to easily identify discrepancies and significantly reduce unnecessary product costs. As a budgetary tool, SAM helps you make informed investment choices that align with your business strategy.

Minimise Risks

SAM can help you identify your business and compliance risks associated with software management (or lack thereof) and establish a set of well-defined best practices that help ensure consistent management of these assets throughout your organization.

Optimise Business Processes

SAM optimises your software and IT resources so that you can focus on running your business. Up-to-date software and licensing, along with knowing how to integrate and maximise your use of the software and security resources you have within your business, makes for faster, easier processes and streamlined software functionality throughout your organisation.

Ensure Compliance

With POPI and GDPR as essential considerations in the protection of information and data, a fully secure infrastructure, along with up-to-date, compliant software is essential. SAM helps you identify discrepancies in software deployed and provides the roadmap necessary to ensure the investment in secure and relevant software.

Streamlined Cloud Adoption

The insights learned from optimising your software inventory, often highlights where money can be saved by moving to cloud solutions. SAM also enables full control over your software and infrastructure assets and a clear indication of where existing and potential risks and vulnerabilities may lie. The cloud therefore, becomes less of a threat and more of a business opportunity.

What to expect
  • Identification of areas of potential risk, fraud, and system vulnerabilities
  • Cost savings in combatting cyberattacks and increasing efficiencies
  • More secure management of software assets and reliable cybersecurity practices
  • A roadmap for building a more resilient IT infrastructure that removes known vulnerabilities
  • More effective defence against attacks by leveraging the best industry practices and technologies available
  • Significant cost savings
  • Eliminates the misuse of resources
  • Mitigates the risk of legal and financial exposure
  • Improves forecasting, budgeting and reporting
  • Improves productivity