Nail your compliance, data protection and data control needs with one solution!

For far less cost and complexity, your business can benefit from a greatly enhanced and secure backup and disaster recovery strategy by using cloud-based backup services.

But beyond cost, which is a key factor, there are other distinct benefits that make the case for cloud backup and disaster recovery and protection almost something of a no-brainer.

Full Compliance

Data management – including backup, protection and recovery when managed using integrated systems such as Veeam and Microsoft Azure, that have also been properly implemented by specialists such as MMC, you benefit from automatic and 100% compliance with not only local compliance requirements, but all global compliance standards as well.

Total Data Control

Many businesses are subject to regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements that restrict them from giving control to a third-party service provider. With Veeam Cloud Connect, you retain full control and data sovereignty over your entire backup infrastructure. Plus, with end-to-end encryption at source, in-flight and at rest, your data is always secure and within your control.

Integrating Microsoft Azure

Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Microsoft Azure customers have instant access to cloud backup repositories and can automatically move on-premises Veeam powered backup archives to Azure. So easy!

Data Backup and Security Everywhere

Veeam Cloud Connect enables a single IT function to centrally manage backup and replicate services for remote offices/branch offices and mobile users which gives you complete control over an organization’s data – no matter where you are.

Fast, Guaranteed, Reliable Recovery

Backup is nothing without recovery. Veeam Backup & Replication delivers guaranteed, lightning-fast, reliable restores at your fingertips for virtually any recovery scenario. Plus as a distinct advantage, Veeam helps you retrieve exactly what you need with file-level and application-item recovery and eDiscovery.

Why do you need MMC?

You can purchase and provision Veeam yourself, yes, however to make sure your backups are setup correctly, while making sure that across your network, you are not sitting with additional technology resources that are costing you money but serving little or no purpose, it helps to have a Backup and Disaster Recovery specialist to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.

Take advantage of Backup as a Service (BaaS) and capitalize on our expertise in setting up your backup and disaster recovery solution for you and ensuring that it is well-managed at all times.

We have two options for you to help you navigate your way to a more efficient, cost-effective and secure future. Neither of these options have strings attached. Our objective is to help you decide what solution you need to meet your business goals and our consultations and workshops are entirely free of charge.

Choose from a:

Backup and DR Workshop

Align the resources you have to your backup and disaster recovery, as well as your data security and compliance goals. Learn about where your risks lie and discover how to manage them.

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Online Consultation

Chat to our Backup and Data Management Specialist and discover how cloud-based backup and data management could be better suited to the needs of your specific environment and business.

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