Microsoft Azure

Need secure, quick, cost-effective and scalable cloud? You’re looking for Microsoft Azure.

With datacentres across the globe including South Africa, the barrier to the cloud is a thing of the past with Microsoft Azure. As the world’s most powerful and only consistent cloud solution, that seamlessly integrates a virtually inexhaustible range of technologies, Microsoft Azure offers unparalleled productivity and scalability for the most efficient workplace.

Engineered to meet the requirements of GDPR and constantly honed to ensure maximum security, Microsoft Azure helps you ensure compliance while offering unrivalled trust, transparency, privacy and lock-tight data security.

Why do you need MMC?

While Microsoft Azure is simple to procure, you will derive maximum benefit from this powerful cloud platform, when you deploy cloud services correctly and align Microsoft Azure’s capabilities to precisely your needs as a business. To achieve this, you need an expert team.

Through our expertise and the approach used from TotalCare and TotalSecure, we’re able to ensure that you get the most from your Microsoft Azure. After a thorough business assessment, we’ll design your cloud specifically for your business productivity needs and offer ongoing monitoring and management to provide the best level of continuity and security.

What to expect
  • Only pay for what you use. Microsoft Azure is extremely affordable for any business.
  • Dedicated datacentres in Cape Town and Johannesburg mean no latency
  • Fully customisable with the ability to integrate virtually any applications
  • Premium, constantly updated security and privacy features already built in
  • 100% aligned with all international compliance standards and laws
  • Microsoft Azure can be tailored for any business, in any industry