Office 365

Your Security, Productivity and Compliance solved – Office 365

Office 365 ticks all the boxes for your modern office. As an easy to procure, highly affordable solution that works on multiple devices and operating systems, Office 365 leads the way in ensuring the security of your data and compliance to global data protection standards, while helping you with a secure and streamlined move to cloud services.

Why do you need MMC?

Anyone can purchase software off the internet and deploy across their network, but are you absolutely sure that your business is gaining the maximum benefit for your software spend?

Because we are specialists in Office 365, we through TotalSecure, assess your operations and align the features that Office 365 offers, to suit your business needs. We then ensure that Office 365 is integrated with all other software and deployed correctly across your network. 24/7 monitoring ensures a secure environment every second of the day.

What to expect
  • Customised design and deployment of software for your business
  • Fully secure datacenters, monitored 24 hours per day
  • Enterprise-grade user and admin controls
  • Office 365 message encryption ensures every email is encrypted
  • S/MIME provides message security with certificate based email access
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Built-in antivirus and antispam protection along with advanced threat protection
  • Dedicated threat management that anticipates, prevents and mitigates malicious access
  • Post scanning, perimeter vulnerability scanning and intrusion detection