One of the worlds most established providers of PCs, laptops, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computing peripherals and other electronics, Dell provides a broad range of premium quality solutions for business computing needs at every level.

As a registered Dell partner, MMC is authorised to customise, resell and maintain Dell solutions for our clients.

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Data Storage and Management

From data centre virtualisation and management, to data storage and intelligent big data analysis, Dell helps you maximise value from your data assets with flexible, cutting edge data storage and management solutions.

Infrastructure and Networking

Create hybrid infrastructures to suit the needs of your business using a range of both on-premise and cloud infrastructure and networking solutions.


Efficiently and proactively protect your business both inside and out, while complying with international governance requirements through the adoption of interconnected, premium security applications and technologies from Dell.


Advanced on-premise, virtualisation and mobile computing solutions that ensure the security of your networks and data, while enabling seamless access to applications and documents.