As a Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft, MMC is authorised to offer the full range of Microsoft solutions, across all product lines.

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One of the most versatile cloud platforms that enable you to easily integrate and manage all your productivity needs, software and applications in one place. From analytics, database management, networking, storage and more – you will save money and perform better using Microsoft Azure.

Office 365

Enabling access to the latest version of Office at all times, at a fraction of the cost, Office 365 ensures no-one in your team is left behind. Collaborate with more ease and boost your efficiencies with the continually improved and powerful Office 365.

Skype for Business

Formerly known as ‘Lync’, Skype for Business lets you collaborate in real time, across your Office applications and you can connect with anyone, whether they use Skype for Business or not. With enhanced account management capabilities, conversations are fully secure and data is protected with Skype for Business.
Skype for business

Windows 10

Considered the best version of Windows ever, Windows 10 suits both touchscreen and traditional computing preferences and provides a secure, lean, powerful, easy to use operating system that runs an extended range of software and applications.
Windows 10

Office 2016

Delivered under the banner of ‘Office 365’, Office 2016 is Microsoft’s latest release of their award winning office productivity software. Enriched with more apps to enhance productivity, plus the option to extend the software over all devices, Office 2016 is a must for the modern business.
Office 2016

Windows Server

Offering enterprise level management of your environment, as well as advanced data storage, applications and communications, Windows Server is a powerful backbone to complex IT infrastructures. Developed concurrently with Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 is currently undergoing final testing before its official release date in early 2016.
Windows Server


Microsoft’s revolutionary collaboration and document management tool lets your employees store, organise, share and access the information they need from virtually any device, while you are able to more easily track and manage activities using advanced management and reporting tools.