Whether complex or simple, MMC is here to help you solve your technology challenges and gear your IT infrastructure for the successful future you’ve envisioned for your business, through our comprehensive range of IT services and solutions.

IT Managed Services: Stay a step ahead with optimal performance…

Our cost efficient, enterprise grade IT Managed Services are designed to ensure the optimal performance of your IT infrastructure at a predictable monthly fee.

IT Consulting: Make business IT decisions based on real insight

With extensive, up to date knowledge of current IT trends, best practices and international compliance requirements, we assist you in making the best business IT decisions from both a financial and operational perspective, based on expert insight and support.

IT Projects: Get the resources you need from experts you can trust

For more specific IT support needs, from the simplest upgrade, to the most complex, major infrastructure overhauls, our team can assist you with everything including the planning, deployment and management of IT projects, training, follow-up support and more.

IT Procurement: Access to the tools you need to get things done

When you need specialist insight or just dedicated resources, we will manage the full procurement cycle for you. With an extensive range of quality hardware and software, we provide candid advice to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your needs and make sure you’re compliant and covered with extended manufacturer warranties.

What to expect

  • Specialist guidance from our experienced IT consultants
  • Unbiased, provider neutral suggestions
  • Easy to understand reports and advice
  • Implementation and management recommendations

How your business will benefit

  • On-demand access to specialist knowledge and skills
  • Streamlined access to apps and improved workflow
  • Significant cost savings
  • Secure data and overall infrastructure
  • Alignment with international standards of governance & compliance
  • Alignment of IT with business strategy